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Healing On A Spare Tire

In case you get a flat, the temporary donut in your trunk is meant to get you off the road and to the nearest service station for proper repair ASAP. Manufacturer’s instructions warn you to take it slow and easy when driving on them - those tiny tires aren’t designed to withstand the load of normal driving. But regardless of that warning, you’ve probably seen some idiot speeding down the highway on one, oblivious to the potential risks. 

Some people treat their health that way. When they get an injury or a health problem they mask their symptoms with “spare tire” medication, all the while continuing the activities that got them there in the first place. They pay little attention to the risks of temporarily patching their problem with drugs and pass on fixing the CAUSE of their problem. That can get you into trouble. 

When it comes to acute or chronic health problems, the best policy is to fix the underlying cause of the problem the right way instead of masking the symptoms with medication. That’s the core philosophy of drugless Chiropractic care. In the short term drugs may bring you false comfort, but in the long run you’re risking a serious blow out.

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Roller Coaster Chiropractic

It's not uncommon to see clients who get great results from chiropractic stop their care once they feel good, only to return with their original problem or something worse.  Many repeat this cycle over and over again - traveling up and down the feel good, feel bad roller coaster of temporary relief, without truly getting healthy.

Chiropractic used correctly goes beyond the wavering cycles of symptomatic care, to pursuing the higher standard of optimal function.  Whether you feel good or bad, a body that exists in a sustained subluxated state is less likely to repair itself when injured or perform to it's best when under demand.  If, however your body is allowed to reach its full potential with regular adjustments and a perpetually clear Nerve System, the sky's the limit to what you can achieve. 

If your chiropractor gets you up and over the first challenging hill on your road to recovery, don't expect the rest of your health to coast perpetually without some effort to keep it going.  Unfortunately, the temporary pain relief ride eventually stops.  If you want abundant health, you need to keep the Chiropractic momentum going. 

Spring Training

My good friend Dr. Shawn Dill recently released a podcast to his membership about Spring Training and how it relates to a business, and it got me thinking about how Spring Training also relates to our health. (Dr. Dill's membership site,, is a phenomenal resource if you are in ANY business and want to gain great insights and tools to grow - check it out if this interests you.)

If you follow baseball at all, you probably know this is the time of year know as "spring training". It is when the most elite baseball players from around the world join their teams to go over the fundamentals of their sport. It doesn't matter if it is the MVP or a guy just trying to catch on with a team. EVERYONE in spring training goes through the SAME basic drills. 

Why? Why would Miguel Cabrerra and Justin Verlander, guaranteed Hall-of-Famers, be subjected to the same basic drills they have performed since childhood?

Because sports, like life and health, is all about mastering the fundamentals.

In baseball, the fundamentals are hitting, defense, base-running and knowing what to do in every situation.

What about life and health? Are their fundamentals that the healthiest people practice on a regular basis? I am certain that there are. 

So what are some of these basic fundamentals, you might be asking? It is my opinion that some of the most important fundamentals of a healthy life are: 

  • Nutrition - making conscious decisions to eat the right foods for your body
  • Proper rest - getting enough sleep, remembering that everyone is different - and sleeping on a good mattress
  • Hydration - drinking half your weight in ounces
  • Positive attitude - making it a daily habit to pray, meditate, spend quiet time with God so you can connect with Him 
  • Chiropractic care on a regular basis - if your nervous system is not 100% connected to every part of your body, it is impossible to fully benefit from the above 4 fundamentals

You could almost equate chiropractic with the tools a baseball player uses. The perfect swing with a lousy bat won't be as effective. Perfect speed and fielding technique will do you no good if you have a hole in your glove. Running the bases perfectly won't work if you are wearing sandals.

Chiropractic is the same thing. It helps you get more benefit from all the things you are doing to get healthier. Conversely, if you are doing NOTHING to build your health, there's a chance that chiropractic care can help limit the damage, to a certain extent, your unhealthy lifestyle is causing.

So you could say that Spring Training is a great time to see how you are doing with the fundamentals of life and health. You should be working on ALL of the above fundamentals to make sure you are getting healthier and being proactive about your health. When you're sick is not the time to worry about the fundamentals. When you are in last place in the standings is not the time to practice baseball fundamentals. The time is NOW.

And by the way, the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series this year. Just remember you heard it from me first. Go Tigers!