On your first visit, our goal is to find out what your problem is and if we can help you. To do this, we will do a series of neurological tests on you. These tests, most likely different than any you’ve ever had done before, will tell us everything we need to know about whether we can help you or not. If we find that we can help you, we will give you your first adjustment.

Then, based on the results of these tests, we will come up with a plan of action to get you better and help you stay better.


chiropractic neurological testing

We will perform a series of tests to find out how well your brain is communicating with your body. We look at posture, balance, coordination and other signs to find this out. The better your brain can communicate with your body, the better you are.


computerized nervous system testing

We also do 3 specific tests to determine the level of stress in your nervous system. We will do infrared thermal scanning on the spine, surface EMG on the muscles, and heart rate variability. These tests will tell us about your level of stress and adaptability.

The fee for your first visit is $97. This fee includes ALL the testing we will do as well as your first adjustment.

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