the problem

When dealing with a health problem, there are 2 avenues you can take:

1. Cover up the symptom through the use of a drug, therapy, or surgery.

2. Deal with what is causing the symptom, instead of covering it up.

what is causing your problem?

What Dr. Mike has found in over 20 years of clinical experience is that a lot of health problems are cause by what is called a vertebral subluxation, which occurs when a spinal bone misaligns. This misaligned bone puts pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves and begins to irritate those delicate nerve fibers.

This irritation puts the body into a protective stress response state. In this stress state, the body begins to function worse and worse over a period of time. Sometimes, this stress can express itself in the form of symptoms. Other times, this stress can express itself in the form of low energy, poor sleep, inability to focus, and overall lack of health. 

Whether you have had your particular symptoms for a couple days or a couple of years, symptoms are simply the result of accumulated stress in the system. 

our solution







our process

The goal of chiropractic is the adjustment of vertebral subluxations to remove nerve irritation. This is exactly what we do in our office, and in fact it is the only thing we need to focus on at Foothills Chiropractic. 

As we slowly and gradually remove the nerve irritation and interference, your own God-given power to heal can begin to repair and reverse the damage that had been caused by subluxations.

It is very important to understand that THE PATIENT is the one doing the healing, not the doctor. Chiropractic's job is to remove interference to the body ability to heal itself.  

Our new patient process at Foothills Chiropractic

First, we sit down for a consultation to find out about you. Then we will do a comprehensive examination which includes computerized testing of your nervous system to find out how much stress is in your nervous system. If we find that we can help you, you will get your first gentle chiropractic adjustment.

On your second visit, we will go over your examination results and recommendations to get you where you want to go.